Month: December 2013

When a business needs help

When a small to medium business needs help, they call Ozark CG

Offer business restructuring, debt mediation, fundraising & moreOzark CG’s consultants have provided alternatives to help small businesses remain viable, including

  • Business restructuring
  • Debt mediation
  • Capital acquisition

As the global marketplace continues to experience economic contractions, it’s the local small business that feels the pressure. Suppliers, vendors and creditors alike are resorting to litigation and a ‘scorched earth’ policy when it comes to collecting business debts.

Creditors have representation to assist them to collect debts, but troubled small business owners typically can’t afford representation and have nowhere to turn. With slowing cash flow and difficult credit restrictions, many small business owners are now facing few options to remain viable, beyond employee layoffs or complete shutdown.

Ozark CG Consultants can help!