Month: October 2014

Tip of the Week


Everything cannot be done at one time. Focus on doing a few things with superior results rather than a whole a lot of things with only mediocre results. Quality counts, not quantity!


Tip of the Week


Negative or Positive

When dealing with a problem situation, which question do you ask? “Why are we doing this wrong?” or “How can we do this better?” Reframe a question from negative to positive and watch the positive results you obtain!

Why Hire a Small Business Consultant

Many companies now turn to consultants to run their business. If a consultant is hired, you can then avoid hiring a person full time. The business consultant can also help out your company by providing an objective opinion on how your business is or should be run. This person will bring a different perspective to your company. Many companies tend to have a certain culture or way they prefer to do things. This leads them to lack new innovation and just keep on with the same old pattern and policies. It can take an outside view to recognize that things need to be tweaked or changed up. Small businesses in particular suffer from this, as the original owners are usually there from day to day running things. A consultant can point out many things that need to change right away. Even just at first glance of the business.

What a Consultant will do for you

Every business is different in one way or another. The approach will not be the same from business to business. Your consultations will vary based on your needs. Small business consulting will have a different tactic compared to working with big businesses. This is especially true for start-ups. The rules change for small businesses.

The first things a consultant will do upon hire will be

  • Research and get to know the business
  • Perform a full analysis for the business
  • Design the business plan and develop marketing strategies
  • Create Marketing plans

Small Businesses will Benefit

Not every consulting firm will provide the same level or type of support. Some will go above and offer services such as: Web design, Web hosting, Search engine optimization, and even blog marketing. Many consulting groups focus on providing a support staff and infrastructure support that mirrors that of big businesses. Services that would normally be impossible for a start-up or small business. There are many opportunities that come up as technology and business solutions change and advance. A small business consultant will show you how your business needs to change and work as effectively as possible. All while keeping in mind your realistic budget. If your growth has been limited, the consultant can help you overcome these obstacles. Their experience can help you exploit opportunities in the market place. Remember: you’ve been running your business for years, but a consultant will perfect it.

Direction, leadership, and trust

Consultants Mind

Tonight I told a client that I believe there are really only 3 things that distinguish high-performing organizations from losers.  Direction, leadership, and trust.

Direction:  Too many companies do not know what they are trying to achieve.  They rest on their laurels from previous hit products.  They acquire new companies.  They mimic competitors.  They optimize profits to satisfy Wall Street.  Basically, they are lost.

Leadership.  The average tenure of CEO, CMO etc. is very short.  People are either coming/going in the executive suite, and there is a lack of consistency.  People are unsure whether they should really believe in leadership, or whether it is a passing fad. When is the last time you saw real servant leadership?

Trust.  What is the culture? Is there a climate of learning, innovation and tolerance? Are there mentoring moments, and naturally-forming relationships?  Are there lots of new hires who were recommended-in by current…

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Tip of the Week


Ask Questions

There are two ways of doing things – either with or without knowledge. If you don’t know, ask before proceeding. Encourage openness with employees. Questions and answers save time rather than no questions, no answers, and a redo that could have been done the right way the first time!