Month: November 2014

High Risk


What would you do if you lost your largest customer? It could happen. Plan in advance with constant marketing. What’s the result if it doesn’t happen? Increased business!


The Ups and Downs of Maintaining a Small Business

When starting a small business, most people start with just one broad goal or idea in mind. Some want to create a product that makes a big difference and some want to revolutionize technology in some way, but most are hoping to profit financially from their business. Most owners are able to do most of the work in the beginning. Their staff is small enough and they are just working to see even the smallest profit. Of course this changes once their staff grows and more responsibilities are placed in their lap. Deadlines are more strictly in place, people are counting on them and the boundary for competition widens. There will be several points in a successful business where the owner will need to restructure the business. Using a small business consultant will be astronomically helpful with this task.

Importance of Restructuring your Business

For the large majority of small business owners, the idea of hiring a consultant seems less important than the day to day tasks. However, this could not be farther from the truth. When you bring in consultant, they can provide a 3rd party opinion. This opinion is so important because often times people invested in the business are just too close to it. When you have been with the business from day one, it is easy to get caught up in one particular aspect of the business. Your consultant will be able to give you tips on how to be more efficient, maybe some of those day to day tasks can be accomplished quicker or in less steps. Maybe you need to place emphasis on a different part of your budget. The possibilities are endless, but hiring a consultant is always a good idea. Here in the Springdale and Fayetteville areas of Arkansas, we help businesses achieve their goals every day. We consult for every aspect of your business. From Financing and Capital Acquisition to general business growth. When we speak with our clients for the first time, they typically have an idea of what they would like improved upon and what they feel is working just fine. The problem with this way of thinking is that 9 times out of 10, there is a better, faster, more profitable way of doing something. Feel free to contact Ozark for any of your small business consulting needs.