Fighting your true calling

Mark Twain Quote 1

People are easily controlled and directed into silos of groups within a society. From birth on, we are programmed to fit into the “system” and find what we are good at. I remember at a young age wanting to be a sports star. I had my heros like everyone else, except I played the sports as if I was the hero. I was good, although I thought I was great at the time. The average player was always considered to be the one that was consistent. Never made a mistake or missed practice. I made my share of mistakes, but always recovered by doing even better next time.

I belive business minded people are grown. They have internal controls that allows them to go outside of the box and take the next steps necessary to be successful. However, I do not believe they become successful by just being themselves. Some business owners are given the business through generations and are grown by the family. Most believe the business is a gift they are obligated to run. So, its only natural to learn the business as a dependance to one’s life line.

We have all been on a journey to determine the answer to a question, “Why am I here?” Obviously that is a question only you can determine, even though I felt society (over the years) has made that decision for me. I’m now in the process of being what I want to be and doing what I want to do, I think?  Even though I have 30+ years working in society, I still have not determined why I was born.

I do know that I’ve always enjoyed helping others to succeed.  Can this actually be a reason why a person was born?


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