Month: February 2015



One mouth and two ears mean we should listen twice as much before we speak. Of course, we want to get our own ideas out but to be an effective communicator, it is important to listen to the other person. Listening before speaking just might lead to a valuable business improvement!


Fraud Happens


It happens all the time by the least suspected employee. Segregate duties to prevent fraud. Cross train and require vacations. Be alert and proactive in this area. A little caution on the front end prevents big headaches on the back end!



Feedback is essential for any business. It let’s owners know how customers and employees perceive their business. Don’t be passive about feedback. Be active about it. Seek out opinions from others. Nothing can be more valuable than this “no cost” investment!

Be Prepared


What do you do when your key employee leaves…besides panic! Happens all the time. Be prepared. Take the time now to cross train and research independent contractors who you can hire on a temporary basis to fill the gap. A little preparation time on the front end saves big headaches on the back end!