Month: April 2015

Customer Courtesy


Things don’t always happen as they should in business. Maybe, it’s a misplaced order, a missed appointment, or lack of something promised. When these types of situations are ignored, small problems can turn into real headaches. Simple common courtesy with a phone call or email can remedy many situations. Understanding customers return!


The Name Game


What’s in a name? Everything! Make sure the business name correctly describes your business, so customers immediately associate the name with what your business does. If products or services have changed over time, it might even be necessary to give the name a “tweak.” Don’t let customers bypass you for the competition by not knowing what you do!



Show your best customers that you appreciate their business with a loyalty program. It doesn’t have to be much. It’s the thought that counts. Airlines, cruise ships, even grocery stores have reward programs. Keep your best customers coming back and entice new ones to become loyal followers. Don’t let the competition beat you on this one. Better yet, you beat the competition!