Chief Executive Officer
As the Chief Executive Officer, Bud has set the corporate vision and mission for Ozark Consulting Group which is focused on driving strategic business growth through the expansion of comprehensive analytical, restructuring and management solutions, development of strategic partnerships and the growth of value operations for small businesses.
Bud brings 30 years of diverse leadership experience to his role as CEO of Ozark Consulting Group. He has over twenty-five years of experience providing direct oversight of the technical delivery of global offsite and onsite services for critical functions in public and private sector information technology centers, networks, and software systems. Within these organizations he has managed a significant number of global operational staff in the areas of corporate business analysis development. In addition, he has over 10 years of executive consulting expertise in the areas of critical information technology management, business continuity, organizational strategy development and process improvement. He has provided management and consulting support, both domestically and globally within several government departments and commercial contracting organizations.
With a values-based leadership style, Bud has successfully led organizations through significant cultural change, resulting in substantial gains in quality, financial and satisfaction results. Most recently, Bud was the Deputy Product Manager for the Marine Corps Global Combat Support System (GCSS), the largest successfully employed logistics system within the US Department of Defense, supporting logistic operations by 36,000 Marines. Bud successfully delivered integration functionality and a logistics Shared Data Environment (SDE) implemented through the maximum use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTs) and government-off-the-shelf (GOTs) software, enterprise application integration/middleware software and web portal software.
Bud holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management Information Systems from the Park University and is an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC).
The Business Success Window from Ozark Consulting Group Inc.
Semper Fi
Bud Cornwell

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