Author: Bud Cornwell

Customer Courtesy


Things don’t always happen as they should in business. Maybe, it’s a misplaced order, a missed appointment, or lack of something promised. When these types of situations are ignored, small problems can turn into real headaches. Simple common courtesy with a phone call or email can remedy many situations. Understanding customers return!


The Name Game


What’s in a name? Everything! Make sure the business name correctly describes your business, so customers immediately associate the name with what your business does. If products or services have changed over time, it might even be necessary to give the name a “tweak.” Don’t let customers bypass you for the competition by not knowing what you do!



Show your best customers that you appreciate their business with a loyalty program. It doesn’t have to be much. It’s the thought that counts. Airlines, cruise ships, even grocery stores have reward programs. Keep your best customers coming back and entice new ones to become loyal followers. Don’t let the competition beat you on this one. Better yet, you beat the competition!

My Mind, My Mind, ready set go!


As a business consultant, many people ask how they can reach out to more customers.  The first thing will be to change your mindset.  For example; we live in an area with approximate 500,000 people.  Of those, some are children, some are very elderly, some are educated, some are wealthy… you get the point.

The bottom line, you need to remember no matter what service or product you provide, there is ALWAYS someone out there that needs it.  When you network with business partners or friends, always leave them knowing you can provide outstanding service to anyone they know and would recommend their business as well, even if you are in the same business or competitive.

I can recall every professional and caring business mindset person I came across just about as soon as I hear the request for services from a customer.  It’s just as important for you to remember to capture business for others as it is for your own business.  Goodness and trust leaks all over like a swiss cheese hot air balloon.

Strategic Alliances


Strategic alliances can be valuable for a small business, but before entering into an agreement, judge its “overall” value. If total negative issues outweigh the positive ones, the alliance or timing might not be right. Wait for the “go” signal before proceeding!

Need Grass for it to be Greener


Six months ago I decided to go out on my own as a business consultant.  The dream?  To be my own boss, call my own shots, take all the risk, etc….  Well I’m still in here.  Tremendously damaged from lessons learned and consultant wondering “What the Hell was I thinking about”.

I definitely have plenty of time to do business, which includes marketing, networking, and of course keeping track of my receipts.  For some reason that seems to be all that I do.  When is the actual projects going to come?  When am I going to get paid?  The answers to those questions was always right in front of my face, I just refused to accept the facts.

We should all pay close attention when deciding to venture out from under the corporate safety blanket provided to us. I would right this long post on what I learned, however its been documented thousands of times.  Entrepreneur Idea Dads gives a crisp and painstaking description Click Here.