Be Prepared


What do you do when your key employee leaves…besides panic! Happens all the time. Be prepared. Take the time now to cross train and research independent contractors who you can hire on a temporary basis to fill the gap. A little preparation time on the front end saves big headaches on the back end!


My Mind, My Mind, ready set go!


As a business consultant, many people ask how they can reach out to more customers.  The first thing will be to change your mindset.  For example; we live in an area with approximate 500,000 people.  Of those, some are children, some are very elderly, some are educated, some are wealthy… you get the point.

The bottom line, you need to remember no matter what service or product you provide, there is ALWAYS someone out there that needs it.  When you network with business partners or friends, always leave them knowing you can provide outstanding service to anyone they know and would recommend their business as well, even if you are in the same business or competitive.

I can recall every professional and caring business mindset person I came across just about as soon as I hear the request for services from a customer.  It’s just as important for you to remember to capture business for others as it is for your own business.  Goodness and trust leaks all over like a swiss cheese hot air balloon.

Strategic Alliances


Strategic alliances can be valuable for a small business, but before entering into an agreement, judge its “overall” value. If total negative issues outweigh the positive ones, the alliance or timing might not be right. Wait for the “go” signal before proceeding!

Fighting your true calling

Mark Twain Quote 1

People are easily controlled and directed into silos of groups within a society. From birth on, we are programmed to fit into the “system” and find what we are good at. I remember at a young age wanting to be a sports star. I had my heros like everyone else, except I played the sports as if I was the hero. I was good, although I thought I was great at the time. The average player was always considered to be the one that was consistent. Never made a mistake or missed practice. I made my share of mistakes, but always recovered by doing even better next time.

I belive business minded people are grown. They have internal controls that allows them to go outside of the box and take the next steps necessary to be successful. However, I do not believe they become successful by just being themselves. Some business owners are given the business through generations and are grown by the family. Most believe the business is a gift they are obligated to run. So, its only natural to learn the business as a dependance to one’s life line.

We have all been on a journey to determine the answer to a question, “Why am I here?” Obviously that is a question only you can determine, even though I felt society (over the years) has made that decision for me. I’m now in the process of being what I want to be and doing what I want to do, I think?  Even though I have 30+ years working in society, I still have not determined why I was born.

I do know that I’ve always enjoyed helping others to succeed.  Can this actually be a reason why a person was born?

Nanotechnology Helps Make Nutrients More Available to the Body

LifePak nano

Pharmanex has revolutionized a way to apply nanotechnology principles to anti-aging nutrients. When applied to nutrition, this nano process involves physically altering a hard-to-absorb nutrient so that it becomes more available to the body without altering its function.

For example, fat-soluble vitamins, like carotenoids and CoQ10, tend to bunch together in the intestine, making them difficult to absorb. To enhance absorbability, individual molecules are separated using nano encapsulation. This process prevents molecules from clinging together so they are more available for easy absorption. This superior bioavailability with new patent-pending CR-6 LipoNutrients® is a first-ever formula to deliver NanoCoQ10® and nano carotenoids along with other nutrients for maximum anti-aging benefits. In the case of coenzyme Q10, this process of nano encapsulation increases bioavailability by 5–10 times* (Craft et al, 2005).

Read full product documentation “Product Information Page”



Change what you’re doing in your business to make it better. It’s like building something new every year with the discarded parts from everything old. Let your competition remain the same while your business streaks into the future!

Need Grass for it to be Greener


Six months ago I decided to go out on my own as a business consultant.  The dream?  To be my own boss, call my own shots, take all the risk, etc….  Well I’m still in here.  Tremendously damaged from lessons learned and consultant wondering “What the Hell was I thinking about”.

I definitely have plenty of time to do business, which includes marketing, networking, and of course keeping track of my receipts.  For some reason that seems to be all that I do.  When is the actual projects going to come?  When am I going to get paid?  The answers to those questions was always right in front of my face, I just refused to accept the facts.

We should all pay close attention when deciding to venture out from under the corporate safety blanket provided to us. I would right this long post on what I learned, however its been documented thousands of times.  Entrepreneur Idea Dads gives a crisp and painstaking description Click Here.